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Customs rewards compliant Importers and Exporters with faster clearances.                    ICD customs have expanded the facility of Green Channel to compliant Importers.            Importers who have been granted the facility of Green Channel at Major Custom Houses will automatically get the facility at ICDs Delhi.         For details, refer to the Public Notice.

  Inland Container Depot, Delhi Customs  

Tariff for Patparganj ICD  -  Tariff for Storage/Ground Rent charges at ICD Patparganj, Delhi w.e.f. 10.6.1998


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S.No.   Particulars


1. Storage Charges
. a. Import Cargo i) Rs. 50/- per sq. mtr./week for first 4 weeks
.     ii) Beyond 28th day Rs. 75/- per sq.m./week i.e. 29th day onward.
. b.
Export Cargo i)
Rs. 100/- per sq. mtr. /month on reservation basis.
Rs. 30/- per sq. mtr./week on general Warehousing basis.
2.Ground Rent Charges
. a. Loaded Rate per TEU/DAY (In Rs.)
. . . i) First 3 days Free
. . . ii) 4th - 7th day Rs. 200/-
. . . iii) 8th day onwards Rs. 400/-
. b.
Empty Container (Flate Rate) .
. . . i)
If empty container is moved out as empty Rs. 30/-
. . . ii)
If the empty container is used for exports through ICD Patparganj Rs. 20/-
3.Service Charges
. . . i) Repair of damaged container Rs. 200/-
. . . ii) Use of ICD premises/for palletisation/repacking Rs. 200/- per shipping bill


  A. Import Operation
Sr. No.


Rates to be Charged
(Rs. per TEU)
Transportation  of loaded container in between ICD-TKD and ICD, Partparganj, grounding, destuffing and shifting of empty container to the container yard 1900/-
Transportation of loaded container in between ICD-TKD and ICD, Partparganj, grounding and stacking upto 3 high 1400/-
Destuffing the loaded container stacked in container yard, custom examination and loading into party's vehicles 1200/-
Retrival of loaded container transportation within ICD complex, destuffing and stacking cargo inside the godown, 1300/-
Taking required number of packages for custom examination restacking/loading into party's vehicles (import). 4/-per qtl
B. Export Operations
Sr. No.


Rates to be Charged
(Rs. per TEU)
6 Unloading of cargo from trucks vehicles & stacking in export shed 4/-per qtl
7 Stuffing of Cargo after custom examination, into the nominated container and transporting container to ICD-TKD Terminal. 1900/-
8 Stuffing after custom examination loading of container on to road vehicles for haulage by road. 1400/-
9 Destuffing of stuffed container and restuffing into another container. 1400/
C.  General Operation


Rates to be Charged
(Rs. per TEU)
10. Transportation of empty container in between ICD-TKD and ICD,
Partparganj and vice versa.

Shifting of empty/loaded Containers from one location to another
within ICD complex- Empty
                            - Loaded

Lift on/off  container

13. Shifting of cargo from one location to another within the ICD complex 4/-per qtl
14. Shifting of  empty container within ICD to washing yard/repairing
yard and back to any location.
Unloading/loading of cargo from/to road vehicles without customs
examination for shut out export cargo.
4/-per qtl.
  1. No Insurance/advalorum charges to levied separately on Import and Export Cargo w.e.f.10.6.98.
  2. Rent for office/table space stands revised as under w.e.f. 1.6.98:-
    i) Rs. 200/- per sq.mtr/month
    ii) Table space-Rs. 500/- per table.
  3. No overtime change from users be levied  for working beyond normal working hours provided goods/vehicles arrived at the ICD Complex upto the goods entry time as specified below :
    a) For export carting upto 1800hrs.
    b) For import clearance upto 1700 hrs.

    However, overtime charge in respect of quota expiry  or cargo received/cleared beyond goods entry time on the request of the users and subject to permission by customs, shall continue to be levied at the prescribed rates.


Tariff for road transportation of containers from ICD Patparganj, Delhi Gateway  Ports

Sr. No.                      Description

Rate (Rs.)

. . JNP/BPT Calcutta Haldia
1. Export Loaded Containers
Dry Bulk Cargo
a) 20' Containers upto 12 MT 15,000/- 18,000/- 18,000/-
b) 20' Containers above 12 MT 20,000/- 22,000/- 22,000/-
c) 40' Containers upto 24 MT 26,000/- 29,500/- 29,500/-
d) 40' Containers above 24 MT 30,000/- 32,000/- 32,000/-
Reefer Cargo:
a) 20' Containers 27,500/- . .
b) 40' Containers 37,500/- . .
2. Transportation of Empty Containers:  
a) 20' Containers 7,000 8,000 8,000
b) 40' Containers 14,000 16,000 16,000
Reefer Container
a) 20' Containers 10,000/- . .
b) 40' Containers 19,000/- . .
3. Factory stuffing upto a distance of 50 KM from ICD, transportation of empty container from Gateway Port to ICD onward movement to factory for stuffing, back to ICD and onward transportation to Gateway Ports:
a) 20' Containers 22,500/- 32,500/- 32,500/-
b) 40' Containers 41,000 45'000/- 45,500/-




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